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EOM Process

A proprietary methodology designed exclusively for Engineers, Operators, and Maintenance Employees of the Petrochemical Industry

Commence with Discovery

What do you have and where do you want to go?

We employ an in-depth questionnaire to gain profound insights into your goals and chart a precise course to your envisioned destination.

What do you have and where do you want to go?

Let’s put first things first.


Let's put first things first.

Having delved into your ambitions and dreams, the next step is to set priorities. We understand that not all objectives can be tackled simultaneously. By meticulously defining priorities, we ensure that the most crucial aspects are addressed first.

Thorough Analysis

Let's look at the ingredients.

In this phase, we delve deep into the components that constitute your financial landscape, such as savings, 401K, pensions, external income, and Social Security. Our aim is to scrutinize these ingredients to determine the key elements that will shape the subsequent stage: crafting a tailored financial plan.

Let’s look at the ingredients.

Let’s create the recipe.

Crafting the Blueprint

Let's create the recipe.

With the ingredients of your financial situation in hand, we create a customized recipe to work toward financial success. This blueprint will instill the confidence you need to sustain a 30-year, dual-income lifestyle.

Implementation – Crafting the Financial Gumbo

Let's make the Gumbo.

Similar to preparing a delectable Gumbo, we skillfully blend and implement the elements of your financial plan to create a harmonious balance of investment strategies, assets, and resources. Just as in a well-crafted Gumbo, the right proportions of ingredients aim to lead to a truly satisfying outcome.

Let’s make the Gumbo.

Continuous Vigilance

Let's watch the pot.

Our commitment doesn’t end with implementation. We diligently monitor your plan’s health and make necessary adjustments as required. Regular check-ins, typically scheduled once or twice a year, ensure your financial journey remains on track to pursue the lifestyle you aspire to enjoy.

Let’s watch the pot.